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What is Bubble Ball Soccer?

The trendsport of scandinavia has not only enthusiastic the USA, it´s also in germany a great adventure.

You also know Bubble Soccer as Bumper Ball, Loopy Ball, Zorb Ball, Bubble Fußball or Bubble Football.

Bubble Balls are like a whole body airbag and you wear a Bubble like a backpack. Two belts and two handles in the inside of the Ball give you a stabilise holding. Only the legs below the hips are outside of the ball. Because of that you can make flashovers without injuring your body or your head.

Playing Bubble Soccer is like playing soccer with a small bite of football.

One Team consists of 4 – 5 members who will be equipped with the inflatable Bubble Balls. Substitutes are possible.

Running in the Bubbles is very exhausting and the temperature will grow rapidly. So you will be lucky of the short running ways on a typical soccercourt of 30 x 15 meter. Furthermore the contact below the teammates grow and that is what bubble ball playing is: a contact sport!

We give our clients the possibility to play in 8 different soccer sport halls around hamburg. In this case we play in such a manner of cage with 2 goals and artificial turf. This makes more fun than playing outdoor, because the ball is in the court all the time and after the game you can take a shower which you definitely need.


What kinds of games we play?

Our bubble ball events are always supervised by a team leader of us. This explains the rules before the game and is there for the entire duration as referee and contact.

There are 3 different kinds of games we offer our clients with the bubble balls. Sometimes we also do a fourth special stag game if he has enough power! But it´s your time and your decision what you want to play!

  • Bubble Ball Soccer
  • Last man standing
  • Bubble Ball Race
  • All again the Stag



Bubble Ball Soccer

You win the game if your team (4 – 5 players) makes the most of the goals in about 5- 6 minutes.

But be careful! It is not so easy to run with the ball to the other goal. It seems like the bubbles are flying over the court because of the numerous body checks. The game is not only funny for the players, it´s also funny for the watchers.

There are only a few rules. We never heard about offside position by playing bubble soccer. But body checks from behind are forbidden and it´s unsportsmanlike. Each team begin the game in their own box. The referee start the game with „ready, set, go!!!“. Both teams try to get the ball and make goals. After every goal we start it in the same way until the time is over.

During the bubble ball tournament the teams get points like in the German soccer league.  The winning team gets 3 points, by the same score every team gets 1 point and the loser gets 0 points.


Last man standing

The name of the game shows you the rules. If you hit the ground or the boards you are out. You play the game in a team against another team. The winning team gets points for the number of standing persons in the own team.


Bubble Ball Race

Who is the fastest bubble ball player? Running is forbidden! To reach the finish line you have to flash over with your bubble ball. This game is not easy for every player and it is outside the scoring points. This game we only playing if there is enough time space.


All again the Stag

This is the most exhausting game for the stag. We will explain you the rules on the spot.


The number of all games depends on your group, the booked time and your conditions.

After the games we make a short victory ceremony and a photo with your own camera.



We offer you 3 different prices:

(the number of persons is not interesting for us – all prices depend of the gametime and the spot where you want to play)

60 Minutes game time € 299,-

+ incl. rent for the venue

Play in one of 2 soccerhalls around Hamburg! We recommend this gametime until 10 people!

Send enquiry
90 Minutes game time € 399,-

+ incl. rent for the venue

Play in one of 2 soccerhalls around Hamburg! We recommend this gametime until 15 people!

Send enquiry
120 Minutes game time € 499,-

+ incl. rent for the venue

Play in one of 3 soccerhalls around Hamburg! We recommend this gametime at over 15 people!

Send enquiry

Or contact us by telephone, whattsapp or email!

   +49 (0) 40 180 33 273

+49 (0) 0176 63235764


We offer you the following services with a booking:

  • 10 x Bubble Balls with TPU material (it´s more resistant than PVC)
  • 1 x Football
  • Build up and Build down before and after your booked game time
  • Cleaning the Bubble Balls
  • 1 x referee
  • in all soccerhalls you can find showers and toilets


Where you can find us?

We prefer to play in Soccerhalls. There you can find toilets, showers and mostly a bar for a drink after the game. In Hamburg there are a lot of these Halls. We can offer you the following 2 halls which you can reach by public transfer or by taxi.

Most popular 2 Soccerhalls around Hamburg:

  • Soccer in Hamburg GmbH
    Kieler Strasse 565
    22525 Hamburg


    This is the most central Soccerhall in Hamburg. You can reach it by taxi in about 20 minutes from Main-Station or in about 30 minutes by public transfer with a walk of 10 minutes!

  • Sportline Soccerwelt
    Am Neugrabener Bahnhof 34
    21149 Hamburg-Neugraben



    This is a hall which you can reach very easily by public transfer (S3) in about 30 minutes from main station. With a taxi it is about 40 minutes.


Saturday Slots

Every Saturday we rent a court at the soccerhall „Sportline Soccerwelt“ in Hamburg-Neugraben. So you can book that slots dirctly online. The other hall „Soccer in Hamburg“ you can book by e-mail.

In the following you can book directly the free Saturday slots without detours! The 5A pitches are already blocked for your booking!

Other times can also be available at the normal prices!


  • We recommend wearing comfortable sportswear (T-shirt, jersey, long sports pants). The shoulders should be covered to avoid abrasions of the straps. Moreover, it is more hygienic.

    In the Sportshall „Sporthalle Baumwall“ you have to wear clean shoes with a bright sole.

    Before the game all items should be taken out of the pockets. For spectacle wearers we recommend to place the glasses beforehand.

  • Yes, in all Soccer and Sportshalls are changing rooms with enough toilets and showers for you.

  • So far, every person was allowed to play with us and we had no one to exclude! However, you should not exceed 2 meters and do not exceed 110 kg.

    • Welcome, briefing and instruction in the bubble ball sport, the rules and the correct handling with the balls (about 5 minutes)
    • 1. Game: Bubble Ball Soccer (about 50 minutes)
    • 2. Game: Last Man standing (about 20 minutes)
    • 3. Game: Race with flash over or another stag game (about 10 minutes)
    • Victory and photo (about 5 minutes)
  • We must adhere strictly to the playing time in the soccer halls, as other persons may have rented the playing field before and after the rented time. Therefore, an extension of the playing time is not possible in most cases.

  • We would like to point out that alcoholic persons are excluded from the game. The risk of injuries increases significantly with the use of alcohol! The entrainment and consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the halls and leads to an immediate reference from the hall.

  • All of you have to sign a waiver before we beginning the bubble balls game. All of you are responsible for yourself. Injuries can happend. It´s a heavy extrem sport. Please make sure that your group is in a good sporty condition.

  • Yes, of course, at each of our events, we have a trained and motivated referee/instructor who will lead you through 3 different games (bubble football, last man standing, bubble races) during the booked time. 

    The referee gives you an instruction in the correct handling with the bubble Balls.

    The game leader is already on the spot about 30 minutes before the scheduled time to start the construction. After the booked timeslot, the instructor cleans the balls and builds them down at about the same time like building up.

You are searching for another spectacular activities?

We can offer you our new Football Dart in the „Sportline Soccerwelt“ or at „Soccer in Hamburg“!



  • Inflatable Football Dart
  • special Footballs with Velcro
  • 1 Game Master
  • Rent for the Soccerhall
  • 90 Minutes Gametime
  • you also can buy some drinks in the soccerhall and have a nice Football Dart Event



€ 399,00 incl. Rent for the Soccerhall „Sportline Soccerwelt“

€ 449,00 incl. Rent for the Soccerhall „Soccer in Hamburg“

More activities for goups like Goggle Soccer, Boßeln, Teamchallenges… you can find on our homepage


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